Services Motorbikes

Birchills Automotive will design, develop and manufacture your exhaust requirements. All products are manufactured in our plant located in the West Midlands in the UK.

We work very closely with our clients to ensure the best quality products and at the same time work hard to keep development cost down, whilst producing unique exhaust systems for our customers.

We have an array of tooling and jigs for the motorbike sector which helps us to achieve this in a very reasonable lead-time.

We can supply the silencers and exhaust systems in many different materials and finishes –

304 stainless steel

Mirror Polished, Sateen Finish.

High temperature coatings

Ceramic (15 different colours), Post paints (10 different colours).

HT Powder


OEM manufacture

We support OEM manufactures, Custom Bike Builders, Motorsport, Aftermarket manufactures.

Ariel Ace Bikes