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We support Top Level Motorsport both in the UK and Europe, developing our exhausts using top quality materials both inside and out where acoustic fills are required. Our silencers can be manufactured to withstand up to 900°C. Materials used in the Construction of our exhausts and silencers are mainly 304 stainless steel and Carbon Fibre where heat permits.

There are several internal Fills that are used, all are of the highest quality and are selected based on gas temperatures produced by the engine and the temperature the exhaust reaches.

Please give our team a call and ask to speak to Roy Cotterill or Andrew Wellings.

Radical Rapture
Nissan Juke Type R

Our silencers can be manufactured to withstand up to 900°C

Birchills Motorsport specialise in developing Sports Exhaust and silencers with these key factors in mind

  • Performance
  • Decibel Levels / Subjective Sound Quality
  • Quality
  • Consistency / Duration
  • Expansion
  • Temperature