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Sustainable sculpture exhibition at the British embassy in Dubai; The King’s Coronation party

Apr 27, 2023

The event will be held on the 11th May 2023 where Oliver Wellings Designs and BS&R will be showcasing four original stainless steel sculptures made from repurposed automotive parts. There is a collaborative focus on sustainability between the UAE and Britain and the event will showcase this to 1000s of VIPs in attendance.

The automotive industry is notoriously challenging to justify working practices due to the well-known impact on the natural environment.

Each piece of artwork is a response to the need for industry change, a personality and artistic identity embodied by each piece. The sculptures are brought to life when you are face to face in real life and we are proud to have been included in the selections to exhibit at this prestigious event.

Oliver’s design process is one of the longest phases in making the sculptures. Each material item is carefully selected from our workshop to create the most effective and authentic sculptures.

The material comes from a high-end niche engineering company that specialises in unique and high quality automotive products. The design process starts with Oliver studying. This is usually focused on a specific animal the client has requested. This involves observing the movement, the form, the mannerisms and features of the animal to explore how this will translate from reality to artistic sculpture.


Oliver then explores different used stainless steel shapes being used to find the opportunities that he can mold and transform into different aspects of each animal. For example, a thrusted blank is used to create a wolf sculpture’s piercing eyes. A luggage rack that would normally be destined for a highly powered supercar now forms the foundations for the antlers of the stag sculpture, Buck.

It’s not just the material that Oliver aims to keep sustainable, the process of making the sculptures is also key to lowering their global green footprint.

The origins of this project started from trying to find a way to reuse material instead of it being thrown into a furnace to be melted down into something else. It is crucial to Oliver as both a global citizen, as well as an artist, that he keeps our global green footprint down while also raising awareness for the ever-growing problem our earth is facing with climate change.

The natural world fuels a lot of Oliver’s designs and his aim to preserve it grows ever stronger with each sculpture. His sculptures demonstrate that he doesn’t need to exaggerate the natural beauty of this world; the world’s beauty does the talking through his art.